Why Choose Us?

Personal Approach

Successful film and video production relies on effective communication and understanding. We specialise in a personal approach, so will never just be names at the other end of a telephone line. We would rather work with you face to face to give us a better understanding of your operation and the message you want to project.

We believe that the key to effective programme-making is the art of good story-telling. We apply this principle to every production, be it a programme promoting the merits of a new software product, or an animation designed to raise public awareness of a particularly sensitive issue.

To tell your particular story we will learn as much as we can about you, the message you want to project and the motivations of your target audience. We will maintain a dialogue with you throughout all stages of the production and, on completion, we encourage a process of feedback and appraisal to measure the success of each project.


We are adaptable and can tailor our procedures and costs to meet your needs in a way that a larger production company cannot. You will find us flexible and quick to meet a change in requirements or schedule.

At Quintessence we have acquired an extensive range of production knowledge, expertise and in-house skills, including research, scriptwriting, directing, filming, editing and encoding. In addition we draw on the specialist skills of first class, creative talent, depending on the requirements of individual projects.

So, if your programme requires a cast of thousands, dubbing into a foreign language, complex computer graphics or animation, aerial photography or even a close encounter underwater, we can make it happen!

Case Studies

Bovis Homes

The popular house builder commissioned us to make a series of TV commercials to play each night of the week. Produced in the form of a mini- soap opera, each commercial featured a different part of the house by following the varied lives of a young family.

Electricity Naturally

Commissioned by the DTI and energy companies, this programme explores the potential for electricity generation through renewable energy sources. One of the first programmes to promote the use of wind power, the film was produced in English and Welsh and distributed widely to a diverse audience of politicians, press, environmental groups and schools.