The Nine Lives of Dudley Sutton

(2008) 23’ ITV Westcountry

“What is life about if it’s not friendship, children, grandchildren, mates?”

Some people think they know him as Tinker from “Lovejoy” but actor Dudley Sutton has played more parts than cats have lives and, in this portrait, we meet Dudley, as his friends know him.

Dudley is writing a new, vaguely autobiographical, comic poem celebrating the lively lives of fast living tomcat, whose high-octane escapades have echoes of his own life, that he is going to perform in his one-man show.

Private life and performing life mix as he persuades his friends to appear in a film version of the poem. In this clip, Dudley visits his old friend the painter Rod Walker.

Nominated for best regional documentary, 2008 RTS Awards.

Other Credits

Other Quintessence documentaries include "Brought Up On Oysters" and "Celts for the Day" (Channel 4). Working in a freelance capacity, Quintessence directors have also helmed a polemical documentary by former president of RIBA George Ferguson on the shortcomings of British regeneration for the "Building Britain" (BBC1 & 2) season, a film on pigeon racing "The Poor Man's Racehorse" (TVS), a portrait of the people who work in London lost property offices "Lost But Not Forgotten" (ITV), and contributed films to "A Family of My Own" (BBC1), a series that explored the lives of carers, foster children and birth parents.