Jason's Room

1 x 14’ Produced by: Nu Shoots

It's got walls, a wardrobe, a telly and bed and it's been Jason's home for 10 minutes. He's got a bag and a comfort toy; he’s 16 and he's lived in 27 foster placements.

Abandoned by his Mum again, he's been split from his younger sister. He has a plan to find her though, that is unless he's moved on first.

A film devised and performed by teenagers in care.


We have three feature length scripts in development; road movie in a wheelchair "Pushing Sixty" - (a script that was originally commissioned by Cornwall Film), "Old Times' Sake" - a story of memories distant, re-written and fading, set within the competitive world of summer tripper boats and, in conjunction with NuShoots, "Love Moments" - a teenage love story set within a school for emotionally damaged youngsters.