Porlock Calling Rockall

1 x 23’ Funded by: ITV West/SW Production Fund

Life is full of mysteries and codes to crack and that's not easy when you're not from "round here" and you're ten years old (especially when your parents have split up and you're receiving messages from alien galaxies!).

Stacey and her Mum have moved to Porlock, where they are staying with Aunt Sharon and Uncle Eric. Eric gives them an ornate radio and Stacey becomes intrigued by the mystical language of the shipping forecast. Recording them in her top-secret notebooks, she becomes convinced they are messages from alien galaxies.

With the adults around her oblivious to her feelings and needs - Stacey decides there is nothing for it but to try and send a plea to the aliens.


We have three feature length scripts in development; road movie in a wheelchair "Pushing Sixty" - (a script that was originally commissioned by Cornwall Film), "Old Times' Sake" - a story of memories distant, re-written and fading, set within the competitive world of summer tripper boats and, in conjunction with NuShoots, "Love Moments" - a teenage love story set within a school for emotionally damaged youngsters.