Marking Time

6 x 30’ ITV West

A six-part investigative history series in which Loyd Grossman, in the company of two historical experts, explores the unique heritage, people and customs that have shaped one of England's last remaining Royal Forests - the Forest of Dean, from the Iron Age to the present day.

This series brings history to life through making connections between past and present and looking at the contemporary landscape in a new light.

The challenge was to take one small part of the country and find tangible evidence and practical activities to illustrate different periods of history over a 2000 year span. The series gathered an audience share of 25% at its peak, regularly outperforming the ITV network.

An earlier 4 part series uncovered the history of the Cotswold Canals.

Other Credits

Working freelance, Quintessence directors are responsible for "Royals at War" for UKTV's "Spirit of 1940's" season," 2 episodes of "Building Wonders" (ITV West/BBC World), a series fronted by Julian Richards exploring history through iconic structures, and for "Bring On the Dancing Girls" (BBC1 South), a documentary on the indefatigable Betty Hockey, impresario and risque lead dancer of the Non-Stop Troop Show, commissioned as part of the "People's War" season.