…of Rock ‘n Roll, at least!
Our 2017 documentary “Mad About Elvis” is being repeated on Friday June 3rd, BBC2, 14:25 and will then be on iPlayer.
Why not swap your pleasant Jubilee street party for the mean streets of Porthcawl, South Wales, for the biggest Elvis party on Earth?!
To Elvis tribute Darren Graceland Jones: “It’s a full on four day Elvis Rave”; to festival organiser Peter Phillips: “It’s like an annual portal to a lateral universe…”
The ‘King’ may have died in 1977 – the year of the last Royal Jubilee – but, every September, Elvis Tribute Acts – of all abilities – and their devoted disciples descend on Porthcawl – and, five years ago, we were privileged to join them.  Bonded by their love for Elvis, they find meaning in his music and party hard in his name.
It’ll be the street party of your life…!