… is the latest film festival to screen our documentary “It’s OK to be Different.”   Along with the Port Adelaide Diversity and Inclusion Film Festival, that screened it in August, Sit Down, Shut Up & Watch is the second Australian festival to select the film.  Meanwhile in the Northern Hemisphere it’s been screened at the Short and Sweet Essex 2022 Festival and is nominated for both Best Documentary and Best Film at this year’s Children’s International Film Festival of Wales.  That’s in addition to winning Best Feature Documentary at the Golden Nugget International Film Festival 2022, Best Short Dramatic Film at Blue Sky Monthly Film Festival and the “It’s OK to be Different” song, composed by Fraser McAlpine with lyrics by the young people of Drama Express, winning the Gold Medal in the United Kingdom Music Video Festival 2022 for best Documentary Music Video.   To find out what all the fuss is about, here’s a review by The Monthly Film Festival.  https://tmff.net/reviews/it’s-ok-to-be-different/