Quintessence Films has helped many public and private sector organisations recruit and induct staff. From cabin crew to the Royal Marines, attracting the best talent is a challenge, and a well-crafted, engaging film can provide a valuable insight for prospective employees.

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St George’s Cares

BRIEF: Induction film
CLIENT: St George’s Hospital NHS Trust

We came up with a concept for a short film that would act as both a staff induction and brand film for the Trust, to promote its activities and specialisms to a global audience. The film combines striking imagery with animating text captions, highlighting key facts about the Trust.

Ordinary People:
Extraordinary Lives

BRIEF: Recruitment film for the Police Service
CLIENT: Home Office/Hawkshead

The Police Service has been accused of not attracting a diverse range of employees. Our film featured a day in the life of police employees of different ranks and from a number of constabularies: a graduate recruit, a female constable who combined her work with being a mother of two young children, and a black, female detective.

48 Hours to Change your Life

BRIEF: Recruitment film for Royal Navy Officers
CLIENT: Royal Navy/CTN

The AIB is a tough three-day test of mental and physical challenges, to weed out potential officers for the Royal Navy. QF director Mat Lingard was commissioned to make a film about the AIB to attract new candidates. The film follows four recruits through the process and illustrates what it takes to be the best.