Getting an audience to commit and complete a course of training is often dependent on the training tools. From quirky, humorous animations to emotionally powerful short dramas and engaging real life testimonials, our award-winning content has helped train and develop the skills of thousands of staff. Our directors have particular expertise in producing content for staff training and development projects for organisations in the retail, finance and energy sectors.

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Mental Health Confident

BRIEF: Produce a series of drama scenarios illustrating best practice in addressing a range of mental health issues
CLIENT: Barclays Bank/Zing/Kineo

Like an increasing number of large organisations, Barclays Bank takes staff mental health issues seriously. Working alongside Zing and training specialist Kineo, our director Mat Lingard scripted and produced four dramatic scenarios showing staff how to support colleagues suffering from mental health conditions such as stress, anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts.

A Royal Invitation

BRIEF: Produce a film to train kitchen and catering staff working at historic royal palaces
CLIENT: CH & Co/Zing

This is one of a series of films directed by QF’s Matthew Lingard for CH & Co to prepare staff from diverse backgrounds to work to the highest professional standards at  Britain’s Royal Palaces. The film profiles staff working in the stores, kitchens and front of house in historic settings and at events including the prestigious Royal Garden Parties.

Quality Conversations

BRIEF: Engage and train bank staff to be organised and professional in conducting conversations with customers
CLIENT: Lloyds/Zing

To challenge and motivate staff, this film used a mix of thought-provoking animation and powerful testimonies to reinforce the importance of maintaining high professional standards in serving customers.